Deck Chair Theatre Poster Auction

No. 16 Krakour

The Deck Chair Theatre operated from 1984 – 2012. During that time it produced over 100 performances. The mounted posters in this collection represent just some of the plays. The Fremantle History Society worked for over 12 years to save the substantial archives of the theatre and the majority of materials are now held by the State Library of WA. Also held are digitised copies of audio visual materials which the Society was able to digitise with the help of a grant from the WA History Foundation. The posters in this collection are duplicates of posters now at the State Library and we are offering them for sale by way of a silent auction.

  1. Bids will be taken from this time forward and can be made up until the close of the Society’s AGM on Sunday 25 July 2021.
  2. Bids will be received by Allen Graham, the Society’s President via a text message, or email message. Text to 0412 933 360, or email to  Messages will be acknowledged and details will remain confidential.
  3. You will need to show your name, the number of the poster, or posters, and the price offered for the respective piece. 
  4. On every Saturday that falls between the opening of the auction and 25 July 2021 the Society will post a list of how many bids have been made for a poster so that you will be able to see how much interest there is in a poster. 
  5. Successful bidders will be notified after the AGM and the winning price per poster will be listed on our social sites. 
  6. Successful bidders will be required to pay for the poster before taking possession of it. Similarly, any cost of postage will also need to be paid by the successful bidder.
  7. Collection details will be provided in the successful bid message.
  8. The Society’s AGM will be held at Sullivan Hall, 2 Nannine Avenue, White Gum Valley on Sunday 25 July 2021at which time the posters will be on display. The posters can be viewed from 2.00 pm and bids can be made up to the time that the President declares the AGM closed. The AGM will commence at 2.30.

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