Victoria Quay Heritage Listing

View over Victoria Quay 1930s – Photographer George Davidson – Fremantle History Centre Image LH002382

The Fremantle History Society has sent a submission to the Heritage Council of WA regarding the proposed permanent listing of Victoria Quay. The committee consider the site to be of major significance to the history and heritage of Fremantle. A copy of the submission can be accessed at the link below.

One Reply to “Victoria Quay Heritage Listing”

  1. That is a great idea, however with David Templeman it will be hard to get him to consider heritage . With the debacle that is Karrakatta Cemetery and his cavalier attitude to what is happening to our heritage there it will be a big job. Or maybe he will consider the Port more worthy than the graves of our ancestors and our returned solders.
    I hope you can get the Port declared a heritage site it deserves it.

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