Looking at collections: A Deckchair Theatre Workshop

Ever thought about what to do with all those papers you have managed to amass over the years? What if some of them were significant?

The aim of this workshop is to explore what makes a collection important by showcasing heritage items from one of the most unique theatres in Australia, the Deckchair Theatre.

After 30 remarkable years, the multi-award winning Deckchair Theatre brought down the curtain for the final time late last year.

Its incredible collection contains scripts, audio and video recordings, posters and flyers, administration records and even a model stage set-up! Come and learn more about it and its value to the local, national and international community.

It just might make you wonder about what you have tucked away!

Looking at collections: A Deckchair Theatre Workshop, rear room 1.30pm – 3pm Sat 8 Nov. Reception Room, City of Fremantle (access via stairs in Kings Sq)

Free Register: cathy.hall@dalystreet6162.com