Tensions on the Waterfront

Tuesday September 27th, 2022

5.00-7.00 pm 

Walyalup Civic Centre – Mardoo Room 

151 High Street, Fremantle, 6160 

Come along to hear local historian, Daniel A Elias, who is writing a thesis on Fremantle’s waterfront history, exploring the relationships and difficulties between the maritime workers, shipping companies and state institutions, and how this has shaped Australia’s maritime sector.

Refreshments will be served before the talk. 

WA State Industrial Disputes Committee 1919
Image LH2770 Fremantle History Centre

This committee was formed by Premier Colebatch on 28.04.1919 to organise negotiations between the Lumpers Union, the shipping employers and the Government over the unloading of the SS Dimboola. The dispute over the Dimboola led to “Bloody Sunday”.

WA Fishers Lost At Sea Memorial Project – ASSISTANCE Required

Fishing Boat Harbour Fremantle 2007 – Image LH005328
Fremantle History Centre

James Paratore ( a FHS member and member of this project) will be presenting a paper on this topic at the Fremantle History Society’s Annual Studies Day on the 30th October 2022 at Sullivan Hall, White Gum Valley. More information will be forthcoming closer to the time.

Please help if you can, see below.

“Lady with the Hurricane Lamp”

(WA Fishers Lost at Sea Memorial – Flat Sea Memorial Project)

What Inspired Us 

“In 1916 two fishing vessels left Port Denison to fish as this was their livelihood. Harold the father and young son Francis in one boat, with elder sons Theodore and Albert in the other. By mid-afternoon with the breeze freshening Harold and young Francis returned to port, leaving brothers Theodore and Albert to do one more drift before heading home. They never returned. For many years their grieving mother Elizabeth each evening would walk to the Port Denison Point and as the sun went down over the horizon, she would light her hurricane lamp in the hope this would one day guide her boys’ home.” They never came home.

Who We Are

We are a committee, formed in late 2021 dedicated to the recognition of the hundreds of fisher men and women who have lost their lives in pursuit of the development and operation of commercial fishing in Western Australia, since early settlement. We are in the process of Incorporating an Association that details out objectives and will call for membership shortly.

We need help

We need help in so many areas. Undertaking the research and writing the stories is an onerous task and we are appreciative of any help and information we can get. Let’s preserve our history and the memory of those who never returned home.

Can you help?

If you can help in any way, we would like to hear from you.

Contact Email: Jamie.para@gmail.com OR fishermemorial@wafic.org.au