Postal Address
PO Box 1305
Fremantle   WA    6959

President            Bob Reece
Vice President   Allen Graham
Secretary            Anne Brake     
Treasurer           Pam Harris


Ron Davidson
Dianne Davidson
Cathy Hall
Greg Luke
Fay Campbell
Jennifer Dudley
Rob Fittock
Michelle McKeogh


One Reply to “Contacts”

  1. The following FREE public presentations may be of interest to your members.

    They take place in the Wireless Hill Museum each Sunday.

    Richard Rennie
    9330 1636

    June 26 2 pm 2 pm
    The Story of the Applecross Wireless Station (1912 – 1968)
    Presented by Richard Offen
    Richard Offen is the Executive Director of Heritage Perth. He is a popular lecturer, and has been a regular broadcaster on both radio and television.

    July 3 12 noon – 3 pm
    Old Wind-up Gramophone Information Day
    Bring your old wind-up gramophone to the Wireless Hill Museum and the Vintage Wireless and Gramophone Club members will provide information about its history, its age, and its care and conservation. (No valuations)

    July 10 2 pm
    Australian Telephones (1876 – 2016)
    Australia’s first telephone exchange opened in Melbourne in 1880 with 23 customers. Today we have more than 40 million telephone services. Aided by a slide show and some examples of historic phones, John Paskulich, from the Australian Historic Telephone Society, will present an overview of telephony In Australia from A. G. Bell’s first phone of 1876 to today’s “Smartphone”.

    July 17 2 pm
    First Television Experiments in WA (1936 – 1950)
    Hear the story of Blake Horrocks who built W.A.’s first television transmitter and receiver, in Harvey in 1936. At this talk you will see working replicas of his television apparatus, including a Nipkow disc, a Mirror Drum Scanner, a Mihaly-Traub Mirror Scanner and a one inch receiver, as well as a replica Baird Televisor.

    July 24 2 pm
    The Story of Analogue Television (1935 – 1981)
    From the end of mechanical TV though to the end of analogue tube television.
    Hear about the start of High Definition television in 1935 in London and Berlin; the effect of the war on television; demonstrations of post-war television sets; through to PAL colour TV and the beginning of digital TV in c1981 – with special demonstrations of working 1940s American and British sets. And more.

    July 31 2 pm
    From 6WF to the ABC (1924 – 1932)
    The Vintage Wireless and Gramophone Club invites you to hear the story of the transition of 6WF from Westralian Farmers Ltd. to the Australian Broadcasting Commission, in a presentation based on a scrap book kept by Western Australia’s radio pioneer (and the man who set up 6WF) Wally Coxon.

    August 7 12 noon – 3 pm
    Dinosaurs of Sound (1925 – 1935)
    A display, with demonstrations, of the largest horn gramophones and wirelesses ever sold.
    From the giant 2.5 metre long horn of the EMG, the Expert, the HMV Re-entrant horn, to the Amplion Dragon radio horn.

    August 14 2 pm
    Coming of Sound in WA Cinemas
    Part 1 (1904 – 1914)
    Synchronized sound in the movies in Western Australia prior to World War I. This presentation covers the five technologies that were used in WA cinemas; the Auxetophone, Gaumont’s Chronophone, Gaumont’s Chronomegaphone, Edison’s Projecting Kinetophone and the mysterious Auxetophonoscope.

    August 21 2 pm
    Original records of Famous People
    (78 and cylinder records)
    Hear rare voice recordings of famous people; including Thomas Edison, Kingsford Smith, Amy Johnson, Edgar Wallace, Sir Robert Baden Powell, Florence Nightingale, Charles Court, etc. played from original records.

    August 28 2 pm
    F.R.I.E.D. (1879 – 2016)
    First Real International Exhibition of Darksuckers
    The Science and Technology of Darksuckers (1879 – 2016)
    We used to believe that light globes gave out light. Science has now proved that they actually suck in dark, and thus must now be known as darksuckers. F.R.I.E.D. will be accompanied by an explanatory talk on the Science and the Technology of Darksuckers, from Edison Dark Globes to DAD (Dark Absorbing Diodes).

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