Yesterday’s Heroes

My name is Chris Carmody and I have just written and had published a book called “Yesterday’s Heroes” : Fremantle’s Footballers and Wharfies in the Golden Years.  It is essentially about the effect that the East Fremantle and South Fremantle footballers, the wharfies and the pubs had on the social fabric of Fremantle. Some stories covered the years just before WW2 with most of them covering the first couple of decades straight after the war. Over 30 people were interviewed for the project including high-profile footballers from both teams, wharfies and Fremantle luminaries such as JJ Miller.  Lots of interesting yarns which I thought will give people an insight into the way people led their lives during those time.

The book was launched at the South Fremantle Football Club social rooms ( now called the Fremantle Function Centre), inside Fremantle Oval at 5 30pm on Friday 9 March. Rick Hart, former president of the Fremantle Dockers launched it.

I have sent you some attachments with this email that will give you further details.  You are invited to share them with other members of your organisation.

The book is published by Round House Press.

See attachment for details if you wish to purchase a copy

Thank you


Chris Carmody


Home:  08 94464527

Mobile:  0409371674

Fremantle Herald Article 26.2.18

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