Annual General Meeting

The Fremantle History Society will hold its Annual General Meeting at Kidogo on Bathers Beach on the 22nd July at 6.30 pm, come along and see what has been happening with the society over the last twelve months and take an opportunity to view this historic building which was built for the storage of dangerous goods in 1884.
There will also be a special announcement.

Fremantle History Society Meetings

In our enthusiasm to get the newsletter out a mistake was made for the date of our April meeting. The date should read Tuesday 22 April rather than 23 April as it says in the newsletter.

Fremantle Railway Station 1924 (Photograph courtesy of Fremantle City Library Local History Collection, Print No. 908)



Don’t forget the first meeting of the year is on Sunday 23 February at 10.30am where we get the chance to view the very significant Mary Ann Friend diary and hear Assoc Prof Deborah Gare tell us a little about the life of this fascinating woman. Meet on the forecourt of the Shipwreck Galleries, Cliff St.

The Commissariat, now the Shipwreck Galleries 1972 (Photograph courtesy of Fremantle City Library Local History Collection, Print No. 795B)


Fremantle Heritage Festival Events

The Heritage Festival is nearly here with events commencing on 25th May through to 4th June 2012. The Fremantle History Society and the Fremantle Society have collaborated to provide some interesting events for their members and the general public. Some of the events are highlighted below. We hope to see you there.

The full program is available from the City of Fremantle’s website. Just click here