Beerporium Event


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Adaptive reuse in action 


13 South Terrace, First Floor, Fremantle 

Tuesday 27th April 6.00 pm 

The Evan Davies Building was built in 1899 as the Fremantle Literary Institute and was typical of gold boom era buildings. Over the years, the building has housed a number of different uses. Today the upstairs areas are leased and used by Beerpourium: purveyors of craft beers and wood fired tucker. 

At our April meeting Jon Strachan and Alan Kelsall will provide an overview of the history of the building and its various uses while we get the chance to enjoy drinks from the bar and sample some of the wood fired fare. 

The meeting is proud to be part of the Australian Heritage Festival, the theme of which is ‘Our heritage for the future’. What better way to celebrate this topic than by exploring how heritage buildings can continue to have a place in our community today. 

The owner is opening Beerpourium just for us so we will be able to have a good look around the premises and enjoy their wares without the noise and fuss of others. Platters of food from the wood fired ovens will be available. Drinks from the bar. 

Cost $10.00 each to cover the platters. 

Please RSVP to: by Friday 23 April. 

Evan Davies Civic Library – Fremantle History Centre Image LH00736

On this day in July in Fremantle

On the 1st of July 1919 this photograph was taken of 20-year old nurse Ivy Preddy. She worked at the No. 8 Australian General Hospital in South Terrace during WWI.

Have you ever wondered what happened in Fremantle over the years? The link below takes you to snippets of information about people places and events which occurred in the month of July. Some have images relating to the story.

On this day in July

Thanks to Sabrina Bednarski who compiled the list for each month of the year whilst working at the Fremantle History Centre.

Thanks also to the Fremantle History Centre for the information and photographs.

North Fremantle Railway Bridge Collapse 1926 : An accident waiting to happen?

Photograph courtesy of Fremantle History Centre LH003049

In late April 2020 the state government committed $230m for a replacement for the Fremantle Traffic Bridge built as a temporary structure in 1938. Rail options will also be considered as part of the project.

Read about the drama of the collapse of the second railway bridge in this timely piece by Heather Campbell.

North Fremantle Railway Bridge Collapse 1926 An accident waiting to happen?

The Bubonic Plague in Fremantle by Dr Michelle McKeough

This isn’t the first time Western Australia’s isolation has protected it from the worst of a pandemic. The Bubonic Plague killed millions over a 6 year period at the beginning of the last century but WA remained reasonably unscathed. Fremantle was the main point of infection though. Read more about it in Michelle McKeogh’s fascinating piece.

Bubonic Plague



Freo 2029 is a bold visionary plan designed to ‘unlock the potential of Fremantle as a vibrant and sustainable centre’.

Arising from a community consultation process it aims to link and reinvigorate the various precincts of the port city. But what are the implications for the city’s sometimes vulnerable heritage places? Is there recognition of and support for intangible heritage vital to an ongoing sense of place and sustaining connections to a time before European settlement?

In this presentation, Mayor Brad Pettitt will outline his vision for the City of Fremantle and the place of heritage within it.

Join us at the City of Fremantle Library on Tuesday 23 April at 6PM followed by a light supper.

This meeting is part of the National Trust’s Australian Heritage Festival.

Image LH000543 Courtesy Fremantle History Centre.


The next general meeting of the Fremantle History Society will be held on 26 March at 6pm at the Fremantle Library which is located in the grounds of Fremantle Oval, Just enter through the library entrance.

There will be a presentation by author, Linda Bettenay, please see below for more information.


Linda was born in Roleystone into a pioneering orcharding family who have farmed the land since 1901 and have lived in the area since 1895.

Linda’s stimulus to write her first novel has come from the discovery of an amazing, true story of an event in her husband’s family.
This story was kept secret from the family over the years and was only recently uncovered. Linda’s books are based in our state’s history – steeped in our pioneering past and cover the two world wars. In her talks Linda explains how he uses historical fact to weave historical fiction.

‘Secrets Mothers Keep’, ‘Wishes for Starlight’ and ‘The Apple Core Wars’ make up the ‘Secrets Series’. Linda’s books will be available for sale on the night for $25

Join us Tuesday 26 March at 6pm at the City of Fremantle Library to hear Linda talk about her journey. Meeting to be followed by
our regular convivial supper.

Hope to see you all there.